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Deep Layer Inc.

June 2021 Event Center

Minecraft Server

Access "Minecraft Server-9", a moderated 'hard' survival server.
New Users are added to the server every twenty-four hours.

Server Settings are: Hard - Survival - PVP Discouraged
No Existing Player Castles or Roads. (WorldGuard)
Weekly reset of Nether and The_End Worlds.
Regular WORLD is persistent for users.

$50.00 USD per year - SSL Payment by PayPal, a Trusted Service.
Usage Subject to Terms and Conditions. Minimum Age 24+

Persons under 24 years of age will be banned w/o refund.
Bans will Not Afford Refunds. Behave. Be Nice. Don't Grief.

Regular Subscribers are available for 1 year, at $50 period.
Regular Subscribers receive 1 contract to claim land 5x5 chunk and 100% depth (bedrock to sky)
A chunk is 16x16 blocks and 256 blocks high. So 5x5 is 80x80x256 blocks in size.

TRIAL PERIODS are available for 1 month, at $13.99 period.
Trial Accounts do not have WorldGuard claim rights.

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